Granite Countertops

Granite Is By Far The Most Recommended And Commonly Used Natural Countertop Material In The Market Presently. It Is Attractive, Hard, Durable And Easily Available In Different Colors And Movements Make It So Popular And Universally Acceptable. A Majority Of GraniteCo Imports Consist Of Granite As A Result Of Its Versatility And Acceptability. Dimensions   Edge […]

Marble Countertops

Even though there is a perception that marble is soft and porous which may render it unfit for the utility of a kitchen countertop, there are certain marble available in the market that are essentially more durable than most granite! This exquisite looking stone is extracted from many locations all over the world and gives […]

Other Natural Stone Countertops

Quartzite: However rear and pricey it may be, quartzite surely justifies the hype. It is the hardest and least porous of the naturally occurring stones out there. It exudes a luxurious and elegant feel almost resembling a marble or a sandstone but with the qualities of higher heat resistance and considerably lower porosity.The likes of […]

Quartz Countertops

Quartz is by far the most popular and desired of the engineered stones readily available in the market since it’s virtually non-porous and almost as durable as granite. Quartz may be the produce of a factory but 90-94% of its composition consists of naturally occurring materials, the remaining 6-10% are the polymer and resin that […]