From quarry to kitchen: A journey from across the world

The granite countertops that you will see on display at our facility have been a part of us ever since their extraction. We wish to share with you the journey set out by the granite (and us!) from having been a piece of earth into an exquisite countertop inside your home.


Granite is quarried into blocks out of the surface using industrial explosives and wiring. This big chunk of stone is then transported to the gang saw or the cutter unit for its first round of fabrication.

Block cutting:

Once the blocks arrive at the gang/cutter saw facility, they are washed and checked for cracks before they are placed under the saw to be cut into slabs of the specified dimensional thickness. In most cases, it is 3cm (1¼ inches). The number of slabs per block can range anywhere from 24 to 48.

Slab treatment:

Slabs are then picked out and transported to the first round of their surface treatment. This includes removal of micro debris and gravel, surface flattening and first brush for a smoother texture.

Surface finish:

After the first round of treatment, a decision on the finish of the granite is to be made. One can either opt for polished, leather, matte or any of the other customized finishes. The most commonly applied finish is that of a shiny polished look. Specialized brushes are used on hydraulic polishing machines to get the desired finish after which the granite is dried.

Secondary surface applications:

To enhance the color and polish, epoxy may be used on top of the polish. Ager application is also recommended to augment shine on certain granite. These are in-house operations performed at our factory end.

Cutting the slabs to depth:

The slabs are then transported to our overseas facility where theyare cut to size and the edges are profiled and polished.

The crates are ready:

Once the granite is cut to depth into standard sizes it is then inspected by our representative before it is kept in the crates and is ready to be shipped!

It arrives:

12000 miles and a number of modes of transportation later, it reaches our facility at GraniteCo, ready to be installed.

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